Feasibility Study applications open! Apply by 10th September 2021.

Request for Proposals for feasibility studies

Closing Date for submission of applications: 10th September 2021

Execution timeline: October-December, 2021

AGS Programme invites interested companies from Zambia or Finland, or consortiums of Zambian and Finnish companies/organisations to submit applications for financial support in conducting feasibility studies. Joint projects involving Zambian and Finnish stakeholders are encouraged. The aim of a feasibility study is to investigate the commercial viability of a new product or service and examine its sustainability in a Zambian market. The objective is to reach conclusions regarding the project’s viability / commercial opportunities.

Conditions and eligibility:

For all projects, the amount requested from AGS for the implementation of the study should not be more than EUR 20 000. For all participating organizations (in aggregate) the amount requested from AGS should not be more than 75% of the total project cost and the total own contribution should be at least 25% of the total costs (in-kind or cash/monetary matching funding).

In-kind funding can comprise of items like work contribution, purchased services or travel expenses. These in-kind costs must contribute directly towards the feasibility study execution and targets and must be clearly identifiable to be part of the funded study. Finnish  consortium partners are normally encouraged to field trips. However, given the current COVID-19 situation travelling is limited.

Accepted costs:

  • Local travel costs in Zambia (international travel costs not accepted)
  • Meeting expenses (Meeting rooms etc. Catering costs for meetings are not accepted
  • Purchased services
  • Reasonable salaries / consultants’ fees. A typical consultant’s fee will range between 200-600 EUR/day depending on the level of experience. Value for money is considered as part of the assessment. Salary costs of the applicant’s own employees are expected to reflect the given employee’s usual salary (not exceeding the maximum daily cost above)
  • Piloting costs are accepted.

Contracting and deliverables:

Niras Finland Oy as the AGS Programme coordinator will be the contracting party. The contract will be signed with the lead company of the consortium. The fee and reimbursable costs will be paid against submission of the invoice. Invoicing cycles and further details will be agreed in the contract. An advance payment of 25% of the AGS share is applicable upon the signing of the contract.  Final payment (75% of AGS share) will be made upon approved final report. The lead company will issue an invoice addressed to NIRAS Finland Oy in Euros. No extra expenses in terms of overhead, administration and project management charges will be accepted. All payments are made after the AGS Programme Management Unit (PMU) confirms that the project is delivered adequately and according to the deliverables agreed in the contract signed.

Assessment criteria:

  • Relevance: Project’s ability and likelihood to unlock foreseeable business opportunities – feasibility and scalability of the project (max 30 points)
  • Effectiveness: The overall execution and work plan (max 20 points)
  • Financial feasibility: Partners’ own financial contribution and overall financial feasibility (e.g. number of working/consulting days) of the study (max 20 points)
  • Developmental impact: Potential development outcome and impact of the project – economic, social and environmental (max 20 points)
  • Sustainability: Project’s ability and likelihood to create long-term partnership(s) between Finnish and Zambian companies (max 10 points).

Applications closed on 10th September 2021.