AGS Calls for Applications for Commodity Support from Growth Oriented MSMEs

Applications Close 5 November 2021


The Business Acceleration Programmes (BAPs) is a six-month long interaction between a selected business and a specialised business development service provider. The interaction has been designed to provide coaching and mentoring to selected growth orientated and driven start-ups, micro, small and medium enterprises within the priority sectors. The technical assistance packages and coaching have been tailored to the specific needs of the business and defined by the sector they operate within, as well as their development and growth plan. Market access, including access to finance, are the key themes for all businesses, as well as helping the businesses to navigate compliance, quality, and quantity issues in their specific sector. The emphasis in business accelerators is on rapid growth and a successful product launch. At the end of the period, the entrepreneurs are facilitated the opportunity to make a pitch to funding sources to obtain further funding. The BAP programme has been designed with a commodity/equipment finance component to address production and marketing challenges that a business may be facing.

Commodity Package

The facility has a total of one million five hundred Euros for the period 2021 to 2022. The AGS programme intends to provide at minimum sixty packages of thirty thousand Euro’s each to deserving MSMEs in the accelerators selected based on a competitive process.


This facility is only open to the 120 selected businesses that will participate in the six cohorts to be run by the following contracted providers.

  1. Women Entrepreneurs Access Center (WEAC)
  2. Manketti Zambia
  3. MiningFinland
  4. Edgewise Business Solutions Limited
  5. African Management Services Company (AMSCO)
  6. BongoHive

A participating business can apply for funding support for productive and market access equipment on the following additional requirements:

  • The submission of a viable investment/growth plan. The plan must inform the assessor/AGS specifically regarding improvement in product quality/volume, market and sales growth. The plans will include a financial analysis of the capital investment, using standard investment analyses such as the payback period, internal rate of return, and net present value, to ensure the investment is viable for the company
  • Successful and proactive participation in the accelerator as vetted by the identified provider
  • The investment will clearly lead to increase of jobs, income and/or profitability

Submission of Applications

All applications must be submitted to with the following details on the cover page.

  • Name of Business
  • Physical Address
  • Directors Name
  • Phone and Email
  • Sector
  • Cohort Manager
  • Proposed investment and total value
  • Own contribution (if the value of the investment is more than €30,000)
  • Expected date of first operatio

Please read more on the eligibility and how to apply here.