Programme Objectives

Expected Impact of the Programme:

Improved competitiveness and accelerated growth of MSMEs in Zambia. 

Strengthened business partnerships between Zambia and Finland.

Expected Outcome of the Programme:

Start-ups and MSMEs will:

  • operate in a supportive enabling environment
  • have enhanced capacity to grow
  • be able to access finance
  • compete on local and international markets.

Expected Outputs of the Programme: 

  • Supporting MSME Development Policy review
  • Improved technical and business management skills for registered Zambian start-Ups and MSMEs
  • Increased innovation activities, business partnerships and linkages between Zambian start-Ups and MSMEs, and with Finnish businesses and Universities
  • Increased access to local, regional and international markets by Zambian start-Ups and MSMEs, and the Zambian market for Finnish businesses
  • Increased access to appropriate finance to implement effective business growth strategies.