AGS Results and Publications

AGS produces open source knowledge products and publications, available for downloading below. Explore opportunities in key ecomonic sectors in Zambia, get to know AGS’ past and present work better, or find inspiration from success stories between Zambian and Finnish business partners. 


AGS Work and Achievements

Mentor Toolkit for MSMEs in Zambia
Full Report - Circular Economy Study
Summary - Circular Economy Study
AGS 2022 Midyear Report Infographic Summary
AGS SME Financial Products and Services Directory
Web capture_29-6-2022_152653_
AGS Financial Products and Services Study Findings
Slush Delegation 2022
AGS 2021 Annual Report Infographic Summary
AGS Contributions to Sustainable Development Goals (PDF)
Feasibility studies supported by AGS in 2018-2019 (PDF)
AGS Programme Overview (PDF)

AGS Newsletters

The first month of the year 2022 is gone – the year is moving and so are we. January was such an eventful month – a very exciting way to start the year. Here is what our January looked like. 
An impactful February 2022. Read all about it.