Services for Finnish Businesses

Zambia welcomes Finnish partners and investors to get involved and benefit from the country’s rapidly developing economy.

Some of the most interesting business opportunities in Zambia are in sectors with strong Finnish expertise and experience, such as agribusiness, forestry, renewable energy, circular economy, mining services, ICT or education.

Zambia Fact Box 

Global Peace Index rank 4th best in Sub-Saharan Africa

Ease of Doing Business rank 5th best in Sub-Saharan Africa

Population growth 3% annually 

Average GDP growth over 4,1% annually (2014-2019)

Transit hub to 8 neighbouring countries and entire economic regions in Africa

Member of SADC and COMESA

Interested in Zambian business opportunities? AGS is here to help! Our role is to build stronger and more sustainable commercial relations between Zambia and Finland. AGS supports Finnish businesses in finding the right partners and entering the market. We also facilitate the development of innovative products and services that meet the needs of the Zambian market. 

Your intervention in Zambia has the potential to yield profits while creating important jobs, solving problems and building a more inclusive economy in Zambia.